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Playwrights Get Lost in the Meadow

June 18, 2015
Lost in the Meadow . . . those four words can conjure up very different meanings. Maybe you actually got lost in Longwood’s Meadow Garden, or perhaps another meadow. Maybe that phrase has metaphoric meaning, that you lose yourself while surrounded by beauty and nature. Whatever the case, Lost in the Meadow is the title of a new play being developed right before our very eyes—in our very own Meadow Garden. In the spring of 2011, a year after Longwood Gardens and People’s Light & Theatre agreed to partner to create a new play, teams of playwrights and set designers gathered for an immersive weekend, seeking to absorb everything they could about our Gardens. The playwrights were here to develop ideas for a new play inspired by Longwood. After concepts were developed, board members and staff representatives from both organizations heard the playwrights “pitch” their ideas. Out of those pitches, we decided to give one team the green light to start writing and designing. We were ready to proceed!
Since winning the Longwood Gardens International Organ Competition, Sheen has performed around the U.S., in the UK, Spain, and will tour Singapore, Australia, and Canada later this year. But one of his favorite concerts was his May 2014 return to Longwood, offering him the chance to play The Longwood Organ again. “I adore it, “Sheen said about the 10,010-pipe instrument. “It is like no other organ,” he said. Sheen readily admits that the Longwood Organ is still daunting to program and play, even after his hours playing it, but notes the organ is romantic and orchestral and well suited to the kind of music he enjoys playing.

Lights, Camera . . . Christmas!

December 4, 2014
Long before the first towering tree is brought into the Conservatory, our marketing team is immersed in A Longwood Christmas. Just as our talented horticulture team is planning, designing, and creating the spectacular display, the marketing team is planning, designing, and creating how we will showcase and share the beauty of the season.

Lights, Music, Magic!

September 20, 2012
Longwood is known for its recently-restored, 10,010 pipe, Aeolian organ (the largest ever constructed in a residential setting). This summer, we’ve received a lot of attention for our premier exhibit, Light: Installations by Bruce Munro. But, did you know that there was a time in Longwood’s history when the spirit of these two crowd-pleasing attractions converged?

PA Wines—Molto Bene!

June 1, 2011
If you grew up in a big Italian family with a last name like Giannetti, Marangi, or in my family’s case, DiAgostino, you’ve been drinking Italian, French, and Napa Valley wine with your Sunday plate of rigatoni and homemade red gravy since you were young.