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September 20, 2012

Lights, Music, Magic!

Longwood is known for its recently-restored, 10,010 pipe, Aeolian organ (the largest ever constructed in a residential setting). This summer, we’ve received a lot of attention for our premier exhibit, Light: Installations by Bruce Munro. But, did you know that there was a time in Longwood’s history when the spirit of these two crowd-pleasing attractions converged?
June 1, 2011

PA Wines—Molto Bene!

If you grew up in a big Italian family with a last name like Giannetti, Marangi, or in my family’s case, DiAgostino, you’ve been drinking Italian, French, and Napa Valley wine with your Sunday plate of rigatoni and homemade red gravy since you were young.
January 28, 2011

Notes from the Longwood Organ

Then there are those who know about our wonderful Aeolian Organ and have heard it before, live, on CD, or on the internet. The great news is that the restoration of Longwood Garden’s pipe organ is nearly complete! All 10,010 pipes have been restored. When the restored organ debuts during Longwood's Organ Fanfare Weekend, February 4–6, the organ will sound just like it did when it was brand new in 1930.
July 7, 2009

Bluegrass in the Garden

Longwood welcomes Rob Ickes, founding member of Blue Highway, as a guest blogger for Behind-the-Plants. Blue Highway will be performing at Longwood Gardens this Saturday, July 11 at 7:30 pm.
May 21, 2009

Fire & Water—A Magical Combination

The du Pont family has been fascinated with pyrotechnics for nearly two centuries, which is not surprising since they manufactured explosives.