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Short Courses, Workshops & Tours

These courses are designed for homeowners, hobby gardens, and professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of specific plant groups or a particular gardening topic.

Useful and practical information on the care of certain plants or specific gardening techniques will add to your knowledge, whatever your level of gardening experience.

Upcoming Classes

Bountiful Bulbs

Master techniques to increase your bulb inventory, especially for expensive bulbs!

The Afterlife of Trees

See how Longwood stewards its trees and keeps their legacy alive by transforming their wood into pieces used in the gardens.

Orchids for Beginners

This workshop introduces the popular genera of orchids and highlights those best suited for home and greenhouse growing.


Learn to take simple materials, choose the correct plants, and make creative, green additions to any space.

Ideas for Impact: Herbs

Our experts will share their knowledge of herbs in a fun, day-long format that will stimulate your senses.

Plant Propagation Workshop

Find out what kind of lighting you need to start seeds indoors, as well as how to collect and store your seeds.

Champion Tree Tour

This pleasurable trip will have you on the lookout for the biggest, tallest, and oldest trees in our region.

Botanically Inspired Jewelry

Explore the magic of precious metal clay and create botanically inspired fine silver jewelry with local artist, Hattie Weselyk.

Edibles Out Front

Perfect for a patio, or for small space gardening, you will plant a container of early spring edibles.

Elements of Design Tour

Join us as we travel to two public gardens in New York—Wave Hill in the Bronx, and Untermyer Gardens in Yonkers.

Why Not Roses?

Dispel the mystery of the rose and learn to grow and nurture this most beloved garden flower.

Pierre's Library

Join the Longwood Library staff for a group discussion of three books in Pierre S. du Pont's personal collection.

Moonlight Magic

Have the rare opportunity to enjoy Longwood's magic under the spell of a full moon.

Aquatic Plants Immersion

This class covers exciting new plants for your garden and an exploration of the insects and fish that call your pond home

Gardener and the Chef: Garlic

Sample garlic as it’s used in kitchens around the world and learn to utilize it in ways you never knew with executive Chef Will Brown.