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Explore our Gardens and learn more about our history and horticulture with an expert guide.

Upcoming Events

Meadow History Highlights

Enjoy a walk with a guide and learn about the transitions from forest, field, and farm to beautiful Meadow Garden.

Beginner Bird Hikes

Join our experienced volunteers as they introduce you to bird watching on an easy hike through the Meadow Garden.

Meadow Birding Hikes

Join our experienced birding volunteers as they lead you through the Meadow Garden in search of our resident and migratory bird species.

Peirce's Woods Highlights

Learn about our heritage trees and native plantings with an expert tour guide on a stroll through our historic east gardens.

Meet Us in the Meadow

Bring friends and family and meet us in the meadow to discover the amazing habitat thriving there.

Garden Story Insider Tour

Enjoy a tour of the east gardens at peak display and share stories of their plants, design, and connections to our Gardens’ history.