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Journal Articles

The following  journal articles were authored by Longwood staff members. Contact our Library to access the articles.

Wilson, B. C.  and D. F. Jacobs. 2012. Chlorophyll fluorescence of stem cambial tissue reflects dormancy development in Juglans nigra seedlings. New Forests. 43:771-778

Panchen, Z. A., R. B. Primack, T. Aniśko, and R. E. Lyons. 2012. Herbarium specimens, photographs, and field observations show Philadelphia area plants are responding to climate change. American Journal of Botany 99, 4:751-756.

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Taylor, M.D., E. Leinbach, and J. Lattier. 2010. Somatic embryogenesis and somatic embryo germination of Camellia azalea × Camellia japonica ‘Maiden of Great Promise’.  International Camellia Journal 42. 127-130.

 Taylor, M.D., E. Leinbach, and J. Lattier. 2010. Somatic embryogenesis and somatic embryo germination of Camellia azalea × Camellia japonica ‘Maiden of Great Promise’.  International Camellia Journal 42. 127-130.


Magazine Articles

Click on the links below to read articles written by Longwood's plant experts, or contact our Library to access articles that are not linked. Special thanks to American Nurseryman,  Greenhouse Grower, and to the American Camellia Society for permission to re-post the articles.

Taylor, M. and D. Lohr. January 2010. Addressing pH problems.  Fine tuning your substrate pH is all about the nitrogen.  Greenhouse Grower.  42-48. 

Van de Water, E. and T. Aniśko. 2010. An adaptable shrub for a changing environment. American Nurseryman 210, 3:18-25.

Taylor, M. 2010. Breeding Compatibility of Camellia azalea. American Camellia Yearbook. 2009. 18-23.

J. Steininger. Producing Potted Lilies. Greenhouse Grower, January 2010, p.102. 

J. Steininger. The Lowdown on Daffodils. Greenhouse Grower, March 2010, p.52.  

Taylor, M.  May 2010. Composting at Longwood Gardens. International Plant Propagators Society Newsletter. 

Taylor, M and A. Petravich.  June 2010. Flowering Control of Dahlia Campanulata. Bulletin of the American Dahlia Society. 97:73-74.

J. Steininger. Potted Tulip Guidelines. Greenhouse Grower, July 2010, p.46.  

J. Steininger. A New Twist on Freesia. Greenhouse Grower, August 2010, p.46.  

Taylor M., M. Evans, and J. Kuehny. September 2010. Comparing Strength and Biodegradability of Biocontainers.  Greenhouse Management and Production. 14-20.  

Taylor M., M. Evans, and J. Kuehny. Sept/Oct 2010. The Beef on Biocontainers: Strength, Water Use, Biodegradability and Greenhouse Performance.  The OFA Bulletin.  923: 1, 5-9. 

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Taylor, M., 2011. The Quest for Hardy Camellias at Longwood Gardens.  2010 American Camellia Yearbook.  54-59. 

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Harbage J., A. Petravich, R. Armstrong, and M.Taylor. April-June 2011. The quest for a double-flowering yellow Clivia miniata at Longwood Gardens.  Clivia News, 20(2): 25-26.

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B. Wilson. Stiff Bluestar. Pennsylvania Gardener. Sep.-Oct. 2011, p. 59.

M. Taylor. How You Can Use Compost as a Substrate Additive. Greenhouse Grower, October 2011. 

B. Wilson. ‘Longwood Gold’ Foster’s Holly. Pennsylvania Gardener. Nov.-Dec. 2011, p.59.

Baird, L. and M. Taylor. 2012.  Living Art (Longwood Gardens’ Green Wall). GrowerTalks. 75:42-48. *Cover Story

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B. Wilson. Rosebay Rhododendron. Pennsylvania Gardener. Jul.-Aug. 2012, p. 59.

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B. Wilson. Swamp-Haw Viburnum. Pennsylvania Gardener, Nov.-Dec. 2012, p.61.

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B. Wilson. Silverleaf Hydrangea. Pennsylvania Gardener. May-Jun. 2013, p.61.

B. Wilson. Smooth Oxeye. Pennsylvania Gardener. Jul.-Aug. 2013, p. 61.


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