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Longwood's Cats

Longwood Gardens’ cats serve as ambassadors to guests and deterrents to rodents.

Iggy, Sarge, Kousa, Boca, and Belin. These may sound like characters straight out of a comic book, but they are actually the names of our famous cats.  Numbering 14 members strong, this diverse feline family provides an endless supply of entertainment and companionship for all.

Each cat has its own caretaker and kingdom. For example Belin, the most famous member of the clowder, is the guardian of the Peirce-du Pont house while our newest kittens, Sassafras and Persimmon, oversee the Idea Garden Shop. Within their respective territories the cats serve as both guest ambassadors and rodent deterrents.

Caring for the Cats

While the origin of the cats is mostly unclear, they have all found a home in Longwood Gardens. Every cat has been spayed or neutered and all are seen by a vet at least once a year for booster shots and a wellness check.