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Create Miniature Pumpkin Garlands at Home

November 12, 2009

 These miniature pumpkin garlands are pretty easy to recreate for a unique autumn decoration at home.

CucurbitDisplay09 007     Miniature pumpkin garlands at the Peirce-du Pont House

Behind the large autumn cornucopia at the Peirce-du Pont House are three miniature pumpkin garlands decorating the porch.  We made these garlands to look like a single strand of pumpkins, but if you look closely, you may notice that each pumpkin has been separately (and carefully!) hung on a wire circling the post.  These miniature pumpkin garlands are pretty easy to recreate for a unique autumn decoration at home.

Upon closer inspection, one discovers that each pumpkin is hung individually on the postCucurbitDisplay09 010 The materials we used for each garland are: Approximately 100 pumpkins called Jack-Be-Little pumpkins for approximately 35 feet of garland (although you won’t need as many if you don’t want to spiral the garland as tightly as we did) 4 spools of 12 gauge orange aluminum floral wire at 39 feet per spool 1 spool of jute twine Decorative accents to finish the bottom of each post (optional) Step by step instructions: 1. Cut pieces of orange floral wire to be about 14 inches long. 2. Take a pumpkin and encircle the stem with the floral wire, using the center of the wire.

Wire circles the stem of a mini pumpkinThe twisted wire on the bottom of each pumpkin is turned into a hook for hanging 3.  Use this wire to follow the grooves in the pumpkin down both sides and twist the wire where the ends meet at the bottom, slightly off center. 4. Create a hook with the twisted wire. 5. Repeat until you have wired all the pumpkins you are going to use. 6. Take one entire spool of floral wire and carefully stretch it out into one long piece. 7. Wrap the wire in jute twine for a more natural look.  (This step is optional- we did this to tone down the bright orange color of the wire that was going to be in the background of the garland so that it didn’t distract from the pumpkins.) 8. Take the twine-wrapped wire and wrap it around your post tightly from top to bottom.  Anchor the wire to the pillar by wrapping it around a nail or any other type of support you may have.  (We did not put nails in the porch posts, but instead wrapped the wire around each post and supported it with the horizontal slats at the top of the posts.) 9. Starting from the top, hook the miniature pumpkins onto the wired post until you reach the bottom. A pair of needle-nose pliers works well to gently pry the wire from the post so that you can slide the hook onto it.

Sorghum stalks and larger pumpkins finish off the bottom of each post10.  Finish the garland by adding decorative accents to the bottom of the post if you desire.  We used sorghum stalks with larger orange pumpkins around the base, but other options could include corn stalks, straw bales, other types of larger pumpkins/gourds, or chrysanthemums.