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Local Flavors

April 19, 2013

The panel of judgesThe panel, consisting of the Terrace’s General Manager, 1906’s Restaurant Manager, 1906’s Head Chef, and the Senior VP of Food & Beverage, discuss and sample all of the new items to determine if they are seasonal and work well together.

The panel reviews the tasting menu thoroughly and makes notes on potential improvements.

A new entrée in 1906For each dish the chef explains the ingredients to the group and the team discusses consistency and portion size of the dishes. After the feedback from this panel is implemented, the staff of 1906 participates in a second round of testing before the menu can be considered final.

A new black cod entréeA new black cod entrée gets some finishing touches before it’s brought out to the panel of judges in this behind-the-scenes view of the Terrace’s kitchen.

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