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Nightscape Photography Tips

June 29, 2015
With the opening of Nightscape: A Light and Sound Experience by Klip Collective, our guests will have many fascinating subjects to photograph. However, nighttime photography poses a unique set of challenges, and requires a much different approach than taking pictures during the day. Read our blog for some tips to avoid blurry, washed out images. We love to see the Gardens through our guests’ lenses—please share your pictures using #Nightscape2015.

Make Your Own Edible Ornaments

December 19, 2014
Learn how to make edible ornaments for your own backyard, then watch in wonder as birds and squirrels enjoy the treats throughout the winter. Photo by Steve Fellows.

The Holiday Dish at 1906

December 18, 2014
Even in winter the chefs at Longwood’s fine dining restaurant, 1906, bring fresh and seasonal flavors to our guests. The new menu just debuted, and Chef Will Brown and his team invite you to peek inside the kitchen to take a look at some irresistible selections. Follow the recipes we’ve provided and share some of 1906’s magic with your family this holiday. Photo by Erin McLaughlin.

Growing Orchids at Home

March 31, 2014
Our guests frequently ask me how to properly take care of orchids at home. Many home gardeners are intimidated by orchids, thinking that they are difficult to grow. However, with some simple instructions, many home gardeners will find great success. If you are considering buying an orchid, the most important thing to be aware of is the type of orchid you are purchasing so that you can replicate the conditions of the orchid’s native habitat within your home.

Tree Selection and Planting In Your Home Garden

November 25, 2013
Trees have an immeasurable number of benefits such as being planted for use as shade or wildlife habitat in parks and recreation areas, or as sustainable forests to provide lumber. However when it comes to your home garden, it can get a little more personal.