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Clivia in the Classroom

October 21, 2011
This year, Longwood kicked off a program to engage a new generation of clivia enthusiasts! As part of our “Clivia in the Classroom” program, we gave blooming-sized clivia plants and seeds to eight biology and horticulture teachers in area schools. During this school year, the teachers are using the plant materials as a class project where students can get hands-on experience growing and caring for clivias.

Sound Inspiration, Sound Designs

August 30, 2011
Historically, the students in Longwood's Professional Gardener Program were given plots to design and maintain at their residences, so that they could be responsible for every aspect of garden design--from concept through to implementation. But since last summer, the students have been creating new, unique gardens near the Idea Garden for Longwood's visitors to enjoy.

Now We Are Cooking… with Summer Vegetables!

July 28, 2011
Summertime is full of sunshine, blue skies, and the EXTREME temperatures that veggies love!

Plan to Plant

May 12, 2011
Spring is finally here! Gardening and the joyful prospect of fresh vegetables are on the mind again in force.

French. Floral. Fun!

February 22, 2011
Longwood Gardens is pleased to welcome guest blogger Barbara Botting to “Behind-The-Plants!” Barbara was a first-time student in one of our Continuing Education Floral Design classes, and she is sharing her experiences with our readers.