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The Lore of Our Trees

March 9, 2015
Trees are some of the largest and longest-lived organisms on earth. Senior Gardener Pandora Young shares some of her favorite stories of tree lore and invites you to take another look at the relationships we all share with the living world around us.

Flurries of Activity in our Meadow Garden

February 26, 2015
"So, what's going on in the Meadow these days?" I've heard this question a lot recently, and it's easy to see why. Looking out over its frigid expanse, I sometimes feel as if the entire garden is in suspended animation until warmer weather. But while the Meadow Garden has been icy, it's hardly been put on ice!

The Great Kapok Tree: A Family Community Read

February 12, 2015
A community of animals—among them a boa, a toucan, a sloth, and a jaguar—call the kapok tree their home. Each whispers to the man who comes to cut the tree down, filling his dreams with the kapok's life-giving secrets. The man wakes to the wonder of this tree in the Amazon rain forest, drops his axe, and walks away.

A Rare Bird

January 5, 2015
If you’ve visited the Gardens recently, you know that Longwood has taken flight this season with a stunning bird-inspired holiday display. What you may not know is that this area of Pennsylvania has a rich history in the study of ornithology. Illustration of American sparrow hawk and field sparrow, drawn from nature by A. Wilson, engraved by A. Lawson. From American Ornithology.
July evenings in the Idea Garden can be home to some pretty raucous behavior. At this time of year, young martins negotiate the air on untested wings as they return to the nest sites where they were hatched and raised.