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Lights, Camera . . . Christmas!

December 4, 2014
Long before the first towering tree is brought into the Conservatory, our marketing team is immersed in A Longwood Christmas. Just as our talented horticulture team is planning, designing, and creating the spectacular display, the marketing team is planning, designing, and creating how we will showcase and share the beauty of the season.

Mini Mum Magic

November 7, 2014
This fall, be sure to explore our Bonsai Display, where some of the best surprises of Chrysanthemum Festival come in small packages. Anemone Chrysanthemum x morifulium ‘Kotoi No Kaori’, photo by William Hill.

A Culture of Chrysanthemums

October 29, 2014
This year, 230,000 chrysanthemum blooms fill our 4-acre Conservatory in forms of cascades, shields, spirals, pagodas and of course, our most impressive Thousand Bloom Mum yet, featuring 1,515 blooms.

Gifts from the Gardens: A Fruit Tradition

December 23, 2013
Holidays celebrate tradition. Gifts—symbols of good will, of gratitude, of joy—are a part of that tradition. Many of our best-loved holidays take place in fall and winter, as we gather to share the fruits of our harvest, the company of family and friends, and our hopes for the coming year. Come join us for A Longwood Christmas, where the gift and tradition of fruit is the centerpiece of our celebration.

Secrets of Victoria: All in the Chemistry

July 16, 2013
In the remote flood plains of South America, a giant water lily blooms, attracts pollinator beetles, produces fruit and seed, and thus carries on through time. The discovery of Victoria regia, its world-wide cultivation, and the man-made works of beauty it inspired are the subjects of a new exhibit at Longwood Gardens entitled Secrets of Victoria: Water Lily Queen.