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December 12, 2014

A Cut Above—Peacock Plumes and Leaves of Gold

We hope that guests during A Longwood Christmas are wowed by the grandeur of towering trees wrapped in lights, thousands of flowers in bloom, and room after room of indoor gardens filled with holiday finery.

Much of that sweeping beauty lies in the tiniest of details. Unseen by our visitors, our staff members work to render each stunning element, sometimes calling on local artisans to bring a new perspective. As this year’s Christmas display takes flight with our bird-inspired...

December 4, 2014

Lights, Camera . . . Christmas!

Long before the first towering tree is brought into the Conservatory, our marketing team is immersed in A Longwood Christmas. Just as our talented horticulture team is planning, designing, and creating the spectacular display, the marketing team is planning, designing, and creating how we will showcase and share the beauty of the season.

One of the first important dates that goes on the calendar is the television commercial shoot. We shoot our Christmas commercial about one week...

November 12, 2014

Exploring the Global Garden: Vietnam

If you've ever visited Longwood Gardens, you've probably been wowed by our exuberant and unique displays. The beauty is plain to see. But have you ever wondered where all these plants come from?

We add to our plant collections through various means. In addition to purchasing many plants from domestic sources (nurseries, seed companies, and plant breeders), we also receive plants from suppliers abroad, plant societies, and in cooperation with public gardens throughout the world...

November 7, 2014

Mini Mum Magic

During one of my rotations as a Professional Gardener student, I was fortunate enough to work on the bonsai chrysanthemums for this year's Chrysanthemum Festival. For anyone interested in bonsai, this is a great way to practice your wiring and pruning techniques, since the mums grow much faster than trees.

In only a few months, you get the chance to wire, unwire, and rewire numerous times.

The mums also require pruning and bud removal almost weekly. The goal of this heavy...

October 29, 2014

A Culture of Chrysanthemums

Pierre S. and Alice B. du Pont in the chrysanthemum-filled Conservatory, late 1930s
Longwood Gardens Archives, gift of Mason family in memory of Charles H. Mason, Sr.

The tradition of growing chrysanthemums indoors began at Longwood Gardens when Pierre S. du Pont first opened the doors to his Conservatory in 1921. The display and cultivation of chrysanthemums, however, is grounded in cultural traditions that extend back much further than the story of our Gardens....