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Secrets of Victoria: All in the Chemistry

July 16, 2013
In the remote flood plains of South America, a giant water lily blooms, attracts pollinator beetles, produces fruit and seed, and thus carries on through time. The discovery of Victoria regia, its world-wide cultivation, and the man-made works of beauty it inspired are the subjects of a new exhibit at Longwood Gardens entitled Secrets of Victoria: Water Lily Queen.

100 Flowers: 1 Plant

November 13, 2012
One hundred different chrysanthemum flowers grafted onto one plant? What an extraordinary thought! Our mum team would love to take credit for this great idea; however, this horticulture art form has surprisingly been around for hundreds of years in China and Japan. Today you can find it on display in only two places worldwide, and Longwood Gardens is proud to be one of them.

Longwood Launches New ‘Fireworks’

March 9, 2012
I am excited to introduce to you a completely new type of Fireworks at Longwood Gardens—Clivia miniata ‘Longwood Fireworks’!
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Fifth Dimension'—this amazing, psychedelic plant has flowers that change color throughout the day. Check out this transformation in a time lapse video.

'Longwood Debutante' Ready for Debut

March 4, 2011
After 35 years of clivia breeding, Longwood Gardens is releasing its first named clivia when the North American Clivia Society holds its International Symposium and Show at Longwood Gardens March 19 and 20, 2011.