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TechniCulture, hosted by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, was held April 17 at the Chemical Heritage Foundation. Longwood Gardens was a great fit to present at this year’s TechniCulture, since innovation is a key part of our legacy and continues to be integral to our Gardens’ future.

Reaching New Heights

September 25, 2014
Pierre S. du Pont's extraordinary Main Fountain Garden has entertained guests with its beauty and showmanship for eighty-three years. Now Longwood Gardens will carry Mr. du Pont's legacy to New Heights through the Fountain Revitalization Project that begins in mid-October.

Behind the Beauty of Orchid Extravaganza

February 15, 2013
Our aspiration at Longwood Gardens is to create a place where our guests can take a deep breath and leave behind the stresses of our 21st century lives. This winter at Longwood, your escape is Orchid Extravaganza—a world filled with thousands of flowering orchids.

A World of Beauty

November 21, 2012
I recently returned home to Longwood after attending the 9th International Gardens without Limits Conference, Gardens & The Public: The Keys to Success, in Metz, France. I was fortunate and grateful to have the opportunity to be among 26 invited speakers and 400 attendees from around the world. The theme for the biennial gathering was “Welcome to the New Generation.” It was exciting to learn how other public gardens, parks, and greening organizations are working to broaden their base of support, welcome younger generations, and remain relevant.

Our Global Garden

August 15, 2012
At Longwood, we have established our very own definition of “a great garden of the world.” To us, greatness is defined by the ability to produce beautiful and timeless displays. But we also look beyond our own garden gates—to our relationship with international institutions—to help us define greatness. Many of the most important design, horticultural and educational contributions we have made would not have been achieved without our global partners.