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Highlights of the program include:

  • Internships, seminars, meetings, and graduate course work that expose participants to such issues as planning, teamwork, human resource management, basic finances/economics, and museum studies
  • An International Experience during the first year that exposes fellows to foreign venues of public horticulture and their administration
  • A North American Experience that allows fellows to meet other public horticultural professionals, discuss current issues within the context of their own gardens, and tour new sites
  • Summer field trips to notable public gardens, arboreta, and other institutions of public horticulture in the region
  • A Professional Outreach Program that offers fellows the opportunity to engage with professionals, gain experience in project management, and build proficiency in collaboration within a chosen area of interest in the field of public horticulture

Upon completion of this program, graduates receive a Master of Science degree in Public Horticulture. To learn more, visit the Longwood Graduate Program website