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Ornamental Horticulture

Longwood's Certificate of Merit in Ornamental Horticulture is designed for serious gardeners wishing to expand their knowledge of horticulture.

Ornamental Horticulture classes are available for everyone, both those in pursuit of the Certificate and those who are not.

Upcoming Classes

Deciduous Trees

Six-session course. This course will cover the identification and landscape uses of deciduous trees found in this region.

Exotic and Tropical Plants

Six session course. Learn how these plants add color, texture, and seasonal excitement to interiors throughout the year.

Plant Science: Soils

Six session course. Learn how a plant’s development depends on the soil in which it’s growing.

Small Flowering Trees

Six session course. Explore many species of flowering trees—the most eye-catching plants in season.

Deer Resistant Bulbs

Three session course. Discover the many kinds of bulbs that are seldom or rarely affected by deer and other critters.

All Purpose Annuals

Six session course. Even a well-established perennial bed will benefit from the addition of these long-blooming accents.


Six session course. Identify characteristics, cultural requirements, and garden uses of common perennials.

Shade Perennials

Three session course. Concentrate on identification, size and habit, advantages, and potential problems of familiar favorites as well as many of the newest cultivars.

Ornamental Grasses

Six session course. Learn the culture, identification, use, and landscape design qualities of a range of plants.