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Hear what students are saying...

“This is great, come and see the water cycle tour, it’s awesome!”

5th Grade Student

“We had a great tour guide named Henry. He showed us very neat things that made me want to go back there. was great!”

5th Grade Student

“is a really fun place to visit. You will learn a lot too but you’re having too much fun to notice!”6th Grade Student

“I felt this overwhelming sensation as if nothing could go wrong.”

7th Grade Student

Hear what teachers are saying...

“This trip was the ultimate outdoor lab experience. Excellent connection to math curriculum, and to the everyday lives of our students.”

4th Grade Teacher

“The walking from destination to destination before the actual map quest was helpful- they were better able to listen to the guide after the exercise. The actual orienteering was challenging and fun. I am thinking I will do this activity at school. Thank you.”

3rd Grade Teacher

“A wonderful experience—Impressionism as up close and personal. What a beautiful spot to enlighten students about Monet.”

9th Grade Teacher

“Tied in perfectly with our curriculum! The experiments were great and the kids enjoyed themselves. A much better program than when we visited several years ago!”

5th Grade Teacher

“Students were focused, enthusiastic, and excited to learn more about plants and insects.”

6th Grade Teacher

“The interaction of their senses to the writing experience made them excited about writing.”

7th Grade Teacher