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Explore the New Meadow Garden Lecture

Explore the New Meadow Garden
Branching Out Lecture Series

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Tom Brightman, Land Steward, will highlight Longwood Gardens’ legacy of land stewardship as well as the design philosophy of the new Meadow Garden, now expanded to 86 acres.

The Meadow Garden invites guests to discover and be inspired by the beauty of a multifaceted and harmonized ecosystem expressive of nature’s variety and maintained by careful stewardship over time.

Tom will share how the new garden uses best practices in environmental stewardship while amplifying horticultural excellence. Special care was taken to preserve and improve the quality of all its environmental resources—its ecosystems, biodiversity, water, soil, air, and human connections.

This lecture will take place in the Conservatory Ballroom. Lectures are 1 – 1 ½ hours. Advanced registration required. Space limited.