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Field and Feather Series: Finessing the Field Class

Field and Feather Series: Finessing the Field
Continuing Education

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Non-members: $40

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See how the management of our natural areas are benefitting birdlife and learn some of the management techniques used in the new Meadow Garden for migratory and resident species.

We will review some of the key species with audio/visuals in the classroom and learn more about their habitat preference, ecological niche, and natural history. Later, we will move outside to gain first-hand skills to assist with the identification of meadow and edge species by sight and sound during the height of the fall songbird migration.


Joe Sebastiani

This is a one session class on September 20, 7:30-11:30 am.

Please remember that many courses are extremely popular and will sell out quickly. Register now to begin your journey in lifelong learning at Longwood Gardens.

Please bring binoculars and a bird field guide, if you have them.  Cameras are also encouraged.