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Field and Feather Series: Get Nesting Class

Field and Feather Series: Get Nesting
Continuing Education

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Non-members: $33

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Do you look for bird nests or have birdnesting boxes in your yard or nearby park?

Be ready for the upcoming bird-nesting season, by learning about the different types of bird nests that you might find. You’ll have the opportunity to examine and learn about the varieties of nests made by cavity nesters, birds that nest in trees and shrubs, and even birds that nest on the ground! By understanding easily observable breeding behaviors, you’ll be able to recognize and determine if birds are nesting nearby. A discussion of the best shrubs and trees for nesting birds, along with techniques for nest-box-checking will be covered.


Joe Sebastiani

This is a one session class on January 25, 9:00 am-11:00 am.

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