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Garden Modeling with SketchUp Class— Sold Out

Garden Modeling with SketchUp
Continuing Education

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This course is for beginning landscape designers who are looking to take their graphic communications to the next level. SketchUp is a powerful and flexible tool that enables designers to envision and communicate their creations in 3D.

Students will be introduced to the software, taught its basic functions, and learn how to generate a model from a 2D drawing and real-life example. Operations such as importing existing drawings and converting them to 3D, applying textures, basic contour modeling, and exporting images and documents will be covered as you create a simple landscape design.

Students are required to bring their own laptop with the latest Basic Version of SketchUp already installed. Downloads are free. A full-size mouse and power cable are highly recommended. Students should have solid two-dimensional manual drafting/drawing skills and be comfortable working in a computer operating system environment (Windows or Mac). Operations such as click, double-click, saving files, and other common tasks must be second nature as a prerequisite. Be sure to test your software installation before arriving at class. There will not be time in the course to troubleshoot installations, hardware, or software problems.

This is a two session class that starts on June 14 at 8:30 am. The second session occurs on June 21.

3 credits


Danilo Maffei

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