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Sharpen Your Shovel, Deadhead Your Dahlias Class

Sharpen Your Shovel, Deadhead Your Dahlias
Continuing Education

Dates & Price

Non-members: $132

Members: $120

Are you new to gardening and unsure what exactly you should be doing when, or are you a seasoned gardener who wants tips on your timing?

Let the Longwood experts help you through the gardening year, providing a fundamental overview of basic techniques, tips, tricks, and advice on seasonal tasks so that you know what you should be doing and when. Each session builds on the next so you will gain a yearlong management strategy to take your garden to the next level.

This is a six session class that starts on January 10 at 9:00 am. Following sessions occur on March 7, May 2, July 18, September 26 & November 14.


Longwood Gardens Staff


Betula Room

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