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Making the Calendar Work for Pride-of-Tenerife

<em>Echium simplex</em> on display

Pride-of-Tenerife (Echium simplex) is a rare plant native to the Canary Islands that has an enormous inflorescence that regularly 

Production of this crop for ornamental value is challenging since it is a biennial plant and takes well over a year to produce a flower spike from seed.reaches over three feet in length.

Our researchers wanted to determine the optimal seed sowing date to minimize production time while maintaining plant and inflorescence size. To do this, they planted seeds on the first of December, February, March and April and closely monitored growing conditions in the greenhouse for optimal results. What researchers found is that the sowing date had a significant effect on plant height and inflorescence caliber. Plants sown in April were significantly shorter and had reduced inflorescence compared to plants sown in December. These findings indicate that sowing dates as late as March 1 are suitable for the production of high-qualityEchium simplex.