• About this Garden Idea Garden

    Explore beds bursting with creative pairings of colors and textures and get ideas for your own home garden.

  • About this Garden Student Exhibition Garden

    Expect the unexpected in this Garden, which is designed and maintained by students in the Professional Gardener Program—Longwood’s collegiate-level, two-year school in professional horticulture.

  • About this Garden Orchid House

    Surround yourself in a kaleidoscope of color with over 500 fragrant orchids in this perennial guest favorite.

  • About this Garden Fern Passage

    Walk through this cool, green passageway of ferns and explore both familiar and exotic specimens from our collection.

  • About this Garden Topiary Garden

    Fanciful cones, spirals, and other shapes delight visitors to this Garden, which includes more than 50 specimens in 20 different shapes.

  • About this Garden Theatre Garden

    Perennials of all shapes and sizes form a decorative patchwork of muted colors and extravagant textures in this Garden.

  • About this Garden Orangery

    Flowering plants and manicured lawns offer a choreography of color and texture in this iconic greenhouse.

  • About this Garden Flower Garden Walk

    Take a historic walk down this brick path, past Longwood's first fountain, through a spectrum of seasonal color.

  • About this Garden Exhibition Hall

    Together with the Orangery, the Exhibition Hall is the centerpiece of the 1921 Conservatory.

  • About this Garden Flower Garden Drive

    This 600-foot-long avenue features 27 historic bald-cypresses fronted by an arborvitae hedge that provides a stately backdrop for an ever-changing double flower border.