• Indoor Gardens Acacia Passage

    Walk down this narrow passageway and breathe in the unique and memorable scent.

  • About this Garden Oak and Conifer Knoll

    A glorious vista in all seasons, this area is particularly stunning in the early spring.

  • About this Garden Orchid House

    Surround yourself in a kaleidoscope of color with over 500 fragrant orchids in this perennial guest favorite.

  • About this Garden Rose House

    Sight and smell team up to create a memorable experience in this Garden.

  • About this Garden Cascade Garden

    A steamy bit of South America flourishes in this Garden designed by Roberto Burle Marx.

  • About this Garden Mediterranean Garden

    Color abounds in this Garden, which celebrates plants grown in Mediterranean-type climates.

  • About this Garden Orangery

    Flowering plants and manicured lawns offer a choreography of color and texture in this iconic greenhouse.

  • About this Garden Exhibition Hall

    Together with the Orangery, the Exhibition Hall is the centerpiece of the 1921 Conservatory.

  • About this Garden East Conservatory

    Grand views under glass, the tranquility of water, and intimate spaces invite you to linger.

  • About this Garden Camellia House

    These large, evergreen shrubs delight visitors with spectacular, brilliantly colored blooms from October through March.