• Indoor Gardens Acacia Passage

    Walk down this narrow passageway and breathe in the unique and memorable scent.

  • Indoor Gardens Silver Garden

    Moonlight seems to bounce off the gray and silver-foliaged plants that fill this Garden, which mimics the dry, arid landscapes found in Mediterranean and desert regions.

  • Indoor Gardens Banana House

    Stand under towering 30-foot herbaceous plants filled with unique flowers and highly recognizable fruit.

  • About this Garden Orchid House

    Surround yourself in a kaleidoscope of color with over 500 fragrant orchids in this perennial guest favorite.

  • About this Garden Tropical Terrace

    This rainforest-like paradise is filled with hundreds of tropical plants with bold textures and colors.

  • About this Garden Rose House

    Sight and smell team up to create a memorable experience in this Garden.

  • About this Garden Cascade Garden

    A steamy bit of South America flourishes in this Garden designed by Roberto Burle Marx.

  • About this Garden Fern Passage

    Walk through this cool, green passageway of ferns and explore both familiar and exotic specimens from our collection.

  • About this Garden Estate Fruit House

    Trained nectarine trees, grape vines, melons, lemons, tomatoes, figs, and other fruits create a sensuous garden experience that is half art, half horticulture.

  • About this Garden Bonsai Display

    Experience a living art gallery that changes with the seasons when you visit this miniature forest.