• About this Garden Idea Garden

    Explore beds bursting with creative pairings of colors and textures and get ideas for your own home garden.

  • About this Garden Student Exhibition Garden

    Expect the unexpected in this Garden, which is designed and maintained by students in the Professional Gardener Program—Longwood’s collegiate-level, two-year school in professional horticulture.

  • About this Garden Children's Corner

    A delight for both the young and young at heart, the Children’s Corner is a fun space for kids and families.

  • About this Garden Hillside Garden

    This intimate sequence of paths, stone landings, and stairs provides dramatic views of the Chimes Tower.

  • About this Garden Chimes Tower and Waterfall

    The scenic beauty of this area, combined with the sounds of chiming bells and cascading waterfall, creates a pleasure for all of the senses.

  • About this Garden Oak and Conifer Knoll

    A glorious vista in all seasons, this area is particularly stunning in the early spring.

  • About this Garden Cow Lot

    The Cow Lot—so named because it was once a pasture—is a sprawling and serene lawn edged with stately trees.

  • About this Garden Rose Garden

    Step back in time and experience the planting arrangements and architectural elements typical of an early 20th century rose garden.

  • About this Garden Topiary Garden

    Fanciful cones, spirals, and other shapes delight visitors to this Garden, which includes more than 50 specimens in 20 different shapes.

  • About this Garden Caryopteris Allée

    This long, narrow allée is more than simply a transition between its larger, neighboring Gardens.