• Blue-Poppies

    At Longwood, we force the blue poppies to flower every year in March. These cultivar produce large flowers that are four-inches in diameter on average.

  • Cannas

    Canna (Canna x generalis) is a staple in the summer garden, adding color, texture and a tropical feel. At Longwood, cannas provide critical height in the borders and conservatory.

  • Chrysanthemums

    Our eye-catching chrysanthemum displays use grafting techniques that date back more than 400 years to Japan and China.

  • Cinerarias

    For many years, ‘Cornflower Blue’ cineraria was a traditional crop in the late winter/early spring display at Longwood Gardens.

  • Clivias

    This plant’s slightly fragrant, yellow flowers have petals that overlap to produce a beautiful floral display.

  • Poinsettias

    While most people are familiar with commercial poinsettias that measure between one- and two-feet-tall, our tree-form poinsettias can reach heights of seven feet with heads measuring five feet in diameter.