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Bluegrass in the Garden

By Rob Ickes, on July 7, 2009

Rob Ickes Rob Ickes.

Editor's Note: Longwood welcomes Rob Ickes, founding member of Blue Highway, as a guest blogger for Behind-the-Plants. 

We’ve shared the bill with some noteworthy characters, but our upcoming Longwood Gardens performance presents quite the challenge.  Giant water-platters!  Insect-catching pitcher-plants!  Dawn redwoods, weeping beeches and bald cypresses, not to mention a whispering-bench and a Love Temple!  What can we add to that mix that isn’t gilding the lily? We did perform once for a bald eagle. A little unnerving, performing before such a steely-eyed gaze; with that experience under our belts, we feel prepared for an audience that includes even the hungriest of carnivorous plants! Seriously, Longwood is the perfect setting for “garden grooves”, and a perfect venue for us to celebrate our 15th anniversary as a band.  Given how often bands undergo personnel changes, it’s hard for us to believe that at the 15-year mark, we are still out there performing with the original personnel that first took the stage on December 31, 1994.  We hope you’ll help us celebrate by joining us at Longwood on July 11. Could there be a more photogenic spot than Longwood?  Capture the spirit in a photo for our 15th anniversary photo contest; we’d love to post your photo on our website. Camera or not, we hope to see you there!

Blue Highway Blue Highway.

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