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It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

November 24, 2009
In less than one week, Longwood's tireless staff removes the entire chrysanthemum display in a complete make-over of the Gardens. We have three days each year (the three days before Thanksgiving) to transform the Gardens into a Longwood Gardens Christmas.

Create Miniature Pumpkin Garlands at Home

November 12, 2009
Behind the large autumn cornucopia at the Peirce-du Pont House are three miniature pumpkin garlands decorating the porch. We made these garlands to look like a single strand of pumpkins, but if you look closely, you may notice that each pumpkin has been separately (and carefully!) hung on a wire circling the post.

Mum's the Word: Longwood Grows Mammoth Mum

November 6, 2009
The Thousand Bloom Chrysanthemum (known in Japan as Ozukuri) refers to a technique, originating in China and expanding to Japan several hundred years ago, for growing an extremely large Chrysanthemum, with a goal of producing the maximum number of flowers possible on a single plant.

Seven Stunning Salvia in the Conservatory

November 2, 2009
This time of year everyone is talking about the stunning chrysanthemums in the Conservatory--but I would like to point out the beauty of a different, incredible, autumn-blooming plant! The genus Salvia represents the largest group of plants in the Lamiaceae family.