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A Feel for Floral Design

June 28, 2010
Longwood’s floral design classes offer a wonderful opportunity to explore your senses—not only your sense of smell, which is the theme for the "Making Scents: The Art and Passion of Fragrance" exhibition, but also our sense of touch. How does this sense of touch enhance our relationship with plants and flowers? Sometimes it is almost irresistible not to reach out and touch a shiny leaf, textured bark, or delicate flower. When looking at a thorny trunk or branch you can almost feel the sharp, pricking sensation. The visual sensation of texture can arouse a strong urge to touch, and even create a feeling without actual contact.
For the first time in years one of the original Estate Houses of the Conservatory is open to the public, just for our fascinating Making Scents, the Art and Passion of Fragrance exhibition. This is one of the original houses, built by Pierre S. du Pont and used to grow the amazing plants and flowers used in our indoor displays. In this glass house, you can learn about creating perfume from nature.