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Braiding Sweetgrass: A Community Read

March 25, 2015
"They know how to build soil, recycle water, create homes for endless other beings; they give us the very air we breathe, they know how to make berries out of light. We might do well to listen." —Robin Wall Kimmerer. Photo by Richard Donham.
Since winning the Longwood Gardens International Organ Competition, Sheen has performed around the U.S., in the UK, Spain, and will tour Singapore, Australia, and Canada later this year. But one of his favorite concerts was his May 2014 return to Longwood, offering him the chance to play The Longwood Organ again. “I adore it,” Sheen said about the 10,010-pipe instrument. “It is like no other organ,” he said. Sheen readily admits that the Longwood Organ is still daunting to program and play, even after his hours playing it, but notes the organ is romantic and orchestral and well suited to the kind of music he enjoys playing.

The Lore of Our Trees

March 9, 2015
Trees are some of the largest and longest-lived organisms on earth. Senior Gardener Pandora Young shares some of her favorite stories of tree lore and invites you to take another look at the relationships we all share with the living world around us.