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On Friday, March 3, the Longwood Graduate Students presented their annual symposium entitled “Growing Together: Cultivating Change in the Economic Landscape.” The daylong educational experience sought to engage attendees in big picture thinking. From how the public horticulture industry uses vacant city lots for urban farming to the way public gardens can advocate for their mission while leveraging current events and politics, the riveting speakers and crowd discussions left no mind untilled.
With soft, pastel-colored flowers, Clivia miniata ‘Longwood Sunset’ is a color breakthrough for our 40-year-old clivia breeding program. Apricot and peach tones imbue the reflexed, overlapping tepals with hues of a blushing sunset. Before being named and released, ‘Longwood Sunset’ received multiple awards at the North American Clivia Show in 2014. This year ‘Longwood Sunset’ will be exclusively available for purchase through a partnership with White Flower Farm.

Reading in Community

March 1, 2017
Have you ever wondered how your smartphone works? How about a telescope? Or helium pants? This year, the Longwood Gardens Community Read invites you to explore the wonders of science, technology, and engineering that shape our world. Pick up this year’s titles—The Way Things Work Now by David Macaulay, and Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty—to find fun and fascinating answers to these questions, and the inspiration to ask many more.