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Ornamental Horticulture

Expand your knowledge of horticulture through our ornamental horticulture classes—open to everyone, both those in pursuit of a certificate and those who are not.

Students in our self-paced certificate program can earn sequential Certificates of Merit in Ornamental Horticulture (Level I, II, III) as their knowledge grows. Upon completion of each Certificate level, students will have mastered the identifying characteristics, habits, and growing information for 300 plants. Each certificate is earned consecutively and is based on meeting specific course requirements. Core courses (to ensure a base level of knowledge) in horticulture and plant sciences, along with electives, plant identification, and horticultural techniques are available for a tailor-made horticulture learning experience. Find out more.

Upcoming Classes

Understanding Plants

Starts March 22, 2022

Fully online. Gain an understanding of the botanical system of plant names and how the plant kingdom is organized.

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Longwood educator Jeff Jabco shares plants and adaptations from the desert to the tropics.