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Longwood will showcase thirteen schools for the annual Christmas display. As interest in this exhibit increases each year, the exhibiting schools will be chosen based on the completeness of the application and merit of the ornament design. Each tree should reflect the yearly specified theme in some way. Please follow the guidelines provided below.

This is a chance for individual classrooms to shine! Participating classrooms will receive up to 30 complimentary one-day passes to view the display, as well as a $50 stipend to help defray the cost of materials.


Longwood staff will decorate the trees with the student ornaments. Trees will be approximately 3 1/2′–4′ tall and lit with white lights. 

The following types of ornament designs will not be accepted: moving decorations, blinking lights, candles, identifiable photographs of children, display of children’s names, religious or political ornaments. 

We encourage you to be creative! All ornaments must be handmade by the students and firmly constructed with attached method to hang. 

Suggested Materials

Natural Materials

Pine cones, sweet gum balls, pods, shells, dried flowers, Spanish moss, grapevine, popsicle sticks, wooden cutouts, and feathers.

Recycled Materials

Tiny terracotta pots, fired clay, buttons, beads, spools, punched tin, and recycled plastic creations.

Other Materials

Puzzle pieces, pipe cleaners, tulle, raffia, ribbon, pompoms, cardboard, heavy paper, small mirrors, and paper chains.

Note: All ornaments must be able to withstand frigid night temperatures. No perishable or live items allowed. Paper ornaments often become damaged.