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Longwood Grants for Title I Schools

The Longwood Grant for Title 1 Schools provides the opportunity for schools with 30% or more of the student population qualifying for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program to visit the Gardens and participate in an Onsite K-12 Program. Transportation reimbursement is available to schools that have 50% or more of the student population qualifying for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program. Participants in the program can also receive a special ticket to return to the Gardens. 

Grants are awarded on a first-come basis. Individual teachers may receive one grant per school year for up to 120 students. All grant applications must be completed and approved before scheduling a visit date.

Onsite K-12 Programs

Onsite K-12 Programs are available Tuesday–Friday at 10:00 am or 12:00 pm. Programs run 90 minutes. 

Please refer to the K-12 Availability Calendar to determine date and time preferences.

Groups are welcome to enjoy the Gardens before or after their scheduled program.

3 weeks advance registration and a minimum of 15 students are required. 

Onsite K-12 Programs are not available during A Longwood Christmas. 

Program Fees

Onsite K-12 Program fees and admissions are covered by the Longwood Grant for Title 1 Schools. 

Students: Free

Free Chaperone: 1 admission provided for every 5 students

Adults: $19

Special Needs Aides: Free

Lunch Space for Onsite K-12 Programs

The Terrace Tent is located adjacent to the Terrace Restaurant and may be reserved for Onsite K-12 Programs at no extra charge. The tent is heated in winter months. 

Visiting the Gardens

Pre- and post-activities have been designed for each lesson. Use these activities to complement your lesson before or after your visit.

View a printable map with kid-friendly highlights to help teachers and chaperones navigate the Gardens.

Transportation Reimbursement 

Transportation Reimbursement is available to schools that have 50% or more of the student population qualifying for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program.

To Apply

1. Complete the grant application below. We are unable to save incomplete forms; please have all required information to submit. All applicants must attach a letter on school letterhead signed by the school's principal stating the percentage of students receiving free or reduced lunch. Applicants wishing to receive transportation funds must attach a written estimate from bussing company. 

2. Upon receiving your application we will notify you via email. Please allow two business days to review and approve your application. Additional information may be requested in order to complete your application. 

3. An approval email with grant details will be sent to the K-12 Reservations staff who will arrange your visit. Additional dates or times may be requested in order to complete your reservation. 

4. Your Onsite K-12 Program reservation is complete upon receiving a confirmation email with visit details from the K-12 Reservations staff. 


School and Youth Programs
Phone: 610.388.5257

School Information

Program Information

We hope to provide an exceptional experience for all our participants. Please note any special accommodations so that we may ensure the best possible experience.
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Please read and carefully consider each statement below. Check each box in order to complete your application.