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Mathematics in the Garden

In addition to a love of plants and flowers, professional gardeners are required to know basic math skills. Learn to use the appropriate measuring tools and mathematical concepts to solve real-world problems in a garden setting.

K-2: Students search for geometric shapes in nature and use tools to measure objects in the garden.

3-5: Students use tools to measure objects in the garden and practice using formulas to calculate perimeter, area, and volume.

6-8: Students discover the purpose of measuring as they complete a hands-on measuring mission in the garden, using formulas to calculate perimeter, area, and volume.

Pre- and Post-Activities for Go Figure

Common Core Standard for Mathematics

  • K.MD.A.1, K.MD.A.2, K.G.A.1, K.G.B.4, K.G.B.6
  • 1.MD.A.1, 1.MD.A.2
  • 2.MD.A.1, 2.MD.A.2, 2.MD.A.3, 2.MD.A.4
  • 3.MD.C.5, 3.MD.C.5a, 3.MD.C.6, 3.MD.D.8
  • 4.MD.A.1, 4.MD.A.3
  • 5.MD.A.1, 5.MD.C.3, 5.MD.C.3a, 5.MD.C.4, 5.MD.C.5, 5.MD.C.5b
  • 6.G.A.1, 6.G.A.2
  • 7.G.A.1, 7.G.B.6
  • 8.G.A.2, 8.G.B.7, 8.G.C.9

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K-8 Curriculum Programs


Uncover the mysteries of mathematics that lie hidden in our Gardens with experiential learning that highlights geometry and measurement.

Science and Technology

Choose from Operation Pollination, Life Circles, H2O, Beyond Recycling, and Natural Engineering.

Social Studies

Explore topography by using maps and other geographic tools that assist with the navigation and interpretation of our section of the Earth’s surface.

Arts and Humanities

Students will embark on an artistic garden voyage that explores the enticing world of garden-inspired art.