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Visual Arts in the Garden

Observe the world of visual arts from a garden perspective in this artistic program that includes thought-provoking activities related to art history, art interpretation, and art production.

Students will embark on an artistic garden voyage that explores the enticing world of garden-inspired art. The study and interpretation of Impressionist artist Claude Monet will serve as inspiration for students to create their own garden-inspired work using developmentally appropriate media and techniques.

K-2: Students experiment with color mixing as they create a color wheel and an original piece of artwork mimicking Impressionist painting techniques.

3-5: Students explore color theory, make their own color wheels, and are challenged to create an original work in the Impressionist style using oil pastels.

6-8: Students investigate the Impressionist movement and interpret paintings of Claude Monet using Visual Thinking Strategies. Using oil pastels, students create original works of art inspired by garden settings.

Pre- and Post-Activities for Capture It

National Standards for Arts Education

  • Standard 1: Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes.
  • Standard 2: Using knowledge of structures and functions.
  • Standard 3: Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas.
  • Standard 4: Understanding the visual arts in relation to history and cultures.
  • Standard 5: Reflecting upon and assessing the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others.
  • Standard 6: Making connections between visual arts and other disciplines.