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Careers in the Garden

Take a closer look at one of the great gardens of the world and discover the people that make it successful. Discover how personal interests can lead to a horticulture career. Learn about the education, skills and experience required to manage a large public garden. 

Pre- and Post-Activities for Careers in Horticulture

Common Core Academic Standards for Career Education and Work

Standard: 13.1 Career Awareness and Preparation

  • 13.1.3.C Recognize that the roles of individuals at home, in the workplace and in the community are constantly changing.
  • 13.1.3.D Identify the range of jobs available in the community.
  • 13.1.5.D Describe the range of career training programs in the community.
  • 13.1.5.E Describe the factors that influence career choices, such as, but not limited to: Geographic location.
  • 13.1.8-11.F Analyze the relationship of school subjects, extracurricular activities, and community experiences to career preparation.