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Chrysanthemum Festival

Chrysanthemum Festival

Dates & Price

On View October 25–November 18, 2018

Free with Gardens Admission

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Our horticulture expertise shines during Chrysanthemum Festival.

We begin more than a year in advance to grow thousands of chrysanthemums meticulously nurtured and trained into giant orbs, spirals, columns, pagodas, and other unique forms. The Thousand Bloom Mum takes center stage in our East Conservatory, showcasing the skill of our talented team of horticulturists, who grow one plant bearing more than 1,000 perfect blooms on a single stem.

Throughout Chrysanthemum Festival, relish in the colorful foliage of our outdoor Gardens. Wander our Meadow Garden and delight in the return of our Pumpkin Playground and Garden Railway.

Watch as our talented crew brings the Thousand Bloom Mum into our East Conservatory.