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Daisies: Outdoor Journey

Daisies: Outdoor Journey
Scout Program

Dates & Price

September 28, 2019–Sold Out

September 29, 2019–Sold Out 

October 12, 2019–Sold Out

October 13, 2019–Sold Out

October 26, 2019–Sold Out

October 27, 2019–Sold Out

November 2, 2019–Sold Out

November 3, 2019–Sold Out

9:30–11:30 am

$105, up to 15 Scouts; 2 Adults included

Additional Scouts $7 each; 30 Scouts maximum

Additional Adults $19

Discover ways to look at nature as an artist and learn how to protect it. Scouts will create art inspired by the colors and sounds of nature as they explore and learn how to keep living things safe. 

Appropriate for Ages 5–6. During the two–hour program the troop will complete Eco Learner and Outdoor Art Maker Badge requirements: play a game to learn how to prepare for the outdoors, make a nesting ball to support local birds, and create an art piece inspired by the setting. Scouts will earn a Longwood Fun Patch.

Advance registration required. This group program is available for Troops or Dens up to 30 Scouts; based on availability.

Questions? Please contact:

School and Youth Programs
Phone: 610.388.5377