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The Gardener and the Chef: Grapes Class

The Gardener and the Chef: Grapes
Continuing Education

Dates & Price

Thursday, May 31, 2018
8:30 am–12:00 pm

Fee: $59

Table grapes are often an afterthought to the rich flavors of those used to make wine and champagne. Explore the wide world of table grapes, which can also make great ornamental plants in the landscape. USDA ARS Research and Vitis aficionado, Rachel Naegele will provide a deep dive into the diversity of the plants that provide us with fresh grapes and raisins as well as a few selections that can also be used to make wines and vinegars. Following the presentation you will get a chance to view the grapery in the Conservatory before heading over to the kitchen to sample dishes inspired by the rich, bold flavors of grapes, raisins, wine, grape leaves, and grapeseed oil.


Executive Chef Will Brown and Rachel Naegele


Catalpa Room & Founders Room

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