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Original Quartet Performance

Original Quartet–Andalusia: The Origins of Flamenco
A World of Music Series

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Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 8:00 pm


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Longwood Debut

Original Quartet–Andalusia: The Origins of Flamenco is an exploration of the roots of flamenco music, which was created through the gathering of Greco-Roman, Arab, and Jewish Sephardic cultures and the gypsies of India in Andalusia. Made up of Spanish guitar, violin, recorder, and vocals, this performance includes Iraqi poems and songs, Jewish Sephardic compositions, traditional Indian pieces, and modern compositions created specifically for this project.

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Javier Limon: guitar
Layth Sidiq: violin, vocals
Tali Rubinstein: recorder
Shilpa Ananth: vocals

More than 1,000 years ago, the Greco-Roman, Arab, Jewish Sephardic, and the culture of the gypsies of India gathered in a land called Andalusia. There they created one of the most important musical movements of our era—flamenco. Andalusia, however, was not only the birthplace of flamenco but also of Pablo Picasso and the great Spanish poet Federico García Lorca; the influences of flamenco and the culture of Andalusia are seen throughout their work.

 In this performance, Original Quartet explores the roots of these cultures’ music, as well as their differences and commonalities. The quartet is made up of four new stars of world music representing four cultures, including Spanish guitarist, composer, and multi-Grammy Award winner Javier Limon; Iraqi violinist and singer Layth Sidiq; Israeli recorder player and singer Tali Rubinstein; and Indian vocalist Shilpa Ananth. Their repertoire includes old poems and songs from Iraq, Sephardi compositions, and traditional Indian pieces, as well as modern compositions created specifically for this project.

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