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Student Exhibition Garden Talk

Student Exhibition Garden Talks

Dates & Price

Select Mondays, 12:30–1:00 pm

At Student Exhibition Garden

Free with Gardens Admission

Come listen as our teams of Professional Horticulture students reveal their visions for this year's Student Exhibition Garden, and watch this summer as their designs bloom and grow before your eyes.

Student Exhibition Garden

These unique Gardens are designed by Longwood’s Professional Horticulture students. Annually students redesign, construct, and maintain this area as part of their Landscape Design and Landscape Construction courses. Learn more.

Student Exhibition Garden

Professional Horticulture Program

The Professional Horticulture program (formerly called the Professional Gardener Program) began in 1970 with the mission to educate and train individuals in the science and art of horticulture. This program continues today with the commitment to education and, specifically, to experiential learning as demonstrated in this garden. Learn more.