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Carillon Series

Meet The Longwood Carillon, an instrument that spans the ages. Our Carillon, crafted in The Netherlands, features 62 cast bells that ring throughout the Gardens.

Upcoming Carillon Concerts

Julia Littleton

Julia Littleton is a carillonneur at the Netherlands Carillon in Arlington, Virginia.

Robin Austin

Robin Austin served as carillonneur for Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon, Princeton University, and Grace Episcopal Church of Plainfield, New Jersey.

Geert D'hollander

Geert D’hollander is the carillonneur of Bok Tower Gardens and carillon composition teacher at the Royal Carillon School in Belgium.

Doug Gefvert

Doug Gefvert is the carillonneur of the Washington Memorial National Carillon.

Thomas Gurin

Carillonneur and composer Thomas Gurin chairs the Yale University Guild of Carilloneurs.

The Treblemakers

Good friends and colleagues, Janet Tebbel and Lisa Lonie have been performing as a duo team since the early '90s.

Margaret Pan

Margaret Pan is a freelance carillonneur in the Boston area, performing regularly at Cohasset and Norwood.