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Artist & Friends

Artist & Friends
A Nightscape Speaker Series

Join the creator of Nightscape, Ricardo Rivera of Klip Collective, and an engaging panel of urban technologists and artists as they discuss cutting-edge topics inspired by the technology, art, music, and design of Nightscape.

Hear directly from Ricardo to learn about the vision and inspiration for this innovative display, and have your own tech questions answered during Q&A with the experts.

Location: Beer Garden 

Past Presentations:

Friday, October 7

Creating Immersive Realities and Virtual Experiences
Featuring Kevin Ritchie and Mark McCallum, Klip Collective

How we experience the world is quickly changing. From the immersive world of experiential installations to virtual reality, we’re on the precipice on a whole new way of creating and communicating. With these new possibilities, experiences become more democratic, personal and meaningful.

Friday, September 9

Soundscapes 2.0

Hear from the composers of Nightscape about how the music was created and how it has changed from last year.

Friday, August 12

Art of Projection Mapping
Featuring Thomas Roland, Klip Collective

Klip Collective tells stories with projection mapping by bringing our rigid landscape to life with light and motion, creating action where it is least expected. By explaining the fundamentals of the medium and showing work from Klip’s reel, we see how projection mapping has evolved with technology and imagination.