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People, Plants, & Landscape Design Class

People, Plants, & Landscape Design
Continuing Education

Dates & Price

Due to the ongoing closure of our Gardens, we are suspending the sale of tickets for our Fireworks & Fountains Shows, summer performing arts events, and registration for Continuing Education classes.

4 sessions

Tuesdays, October 6–27, 2020
6:00–8:00 pm

Fee: $129

Discover a new design paradigm by exploring relationships between people and plants, yielding vibrant gardens with depth and relevancy. Learn how to define spaces that are truly supportive of people and plants through discussion, slides, and online group exercises. Explore how to use time and the sustainable principles of economy, environment, and social capital to make informed and effective design decisions.

Core Course

Online Learning

Extend your learning beyond the classroom with supplemental materials.


Greg & Jennifer Nichols


Betula Room

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2020 Continuing Education Catalog