Recipe for Success Class

Recipe for Success!
Continuing Education

Dates & Price

Sunday, October 20, 2019
9:00 am–3:00 pm

Fee: $169

Includes Dining Dollars card toward lunch

Knowing the right recipe is the first step in just about any project and floral design is no exception.  Determining the right number of arrangements for an event and the number of flowers to order can be the difference between success and having to do a little extra pruning the night before a big event. Handling and care of your flowers and foliage are just as imperative to the success of your event as the design itself.

Go behind the scenes and see how to prepare for a floral event with Longwood’s own Betty Young as she showcases proper care and handling techniques to extend your flower’s vase life. Theresa Clower walks you through the initial meeting with the client, how to prepare an order, and how to use that order in creating the final product. Each student uses the lessons learned by “interviewing” a client, preparing an order, and finally, creating a floral design based on the client’s wishes to take home.

Elective Course 


Theresa Clower and Betty Young


Acer Room

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