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Longwood Gardens' 30,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Production Greenhouse Facility is the perfect marriage of beauty and brawn.

Production Greenhouse

High-tech systems power the 378' by 80' range of nine greenhouses, making it possible to produce exquisite plants year round under all conditions. Beneath the greenhouses lies a subterranean mechanical empire. Steam and condensate pipes run through tunnels that are spacious, well lit, and allow complete access by maintenance personnel.

Seven pump stations collect condensate for return to Longwood’s Main Boiler Plant, where three massive boilers fueled by oil or gas produce steam that travels through thousands of feet of pipe to heat the Conservatory, adjacent offices, and the Production Facility. Each greenhouse is equipped with its own computerized system that automatically controls temperature, bench and perimeter heat, snow melters, and devices for cooling and shading.