2023 International Organ Competition Rules

The Longwood Gardens International Organ Competition is limited to individuals who are 18–30 years old as of Sunday, November 6, 2022. The competition will consist of a preliminary and final round.

The senders of the first 60 complete application forms shall be admitted to the audition round of the Competition. The audition jury will select a maximum of 10 competitors for the preliminary round. Those chosen will be invited to participate in writing by Longwood Gardens no later than February 6, 2023. Acceptance must be confirmed by February 10, 2023. A maximum of 5 competitors will be selected for the final round. The first place winner may not enter the competition in future years. Longwood Gardens’ employees, officers, and directors, along with family members of the foregoing, may not compete in or judge the competition.

Competitors may use music scores during all performances. If scores are used, the original score must be provided, or the original copies or photocopies of published works that are free from copyright will be allowed. Competitors must provide each work’s publisher and edition. Music must be submitted as soon as the competitor has been notified of their participation in the competition.

The order of appearance of competitors in the preliminary and final rounds will be determined by a drawing.

Longwood Gardens will provide a page turner for the competition performance only, if needed.

Each round of the competition will be ticketed.

During the Competition, competitors who do not respect the rules of the Longwood Gardens International Organ Competition will be disqualified without right of appeal.

The Jury

The audition jury will select 10 competitors for the preliminary round and the competition jury will select 5 competitors for the final round and prize winners. Competitors may not contact or speak with any member of the jury as long as they continue to participate in the competition. Any violation of this rule may disqualify the competitor. 

Competition Prizes

All announced prizes will be awarded. There will be no ties. Taxes will be deducted from prizes according to all tax laws in effect at the time of the competition. Each winner will be required to complete an IRS form W-9 or W-8BEN in order to receive payment. Longwood Gardens will comply with all applicable withholding requirements. Find out more about the competition prizes.

Travel Visa

Competitors are responsible for providing their own visas to enter the United States and shall provide proof of having obtained a visa by April 1, 2023. Competitors who must present an official letter of invitation to obtain a visa should ask Longwood Gardens for such a letter before April 1, 2023.

Performance Rights

The Competition may be recorded, broadcast on international radio and television, or retransmitted over the Internet, without any financial compensation to the competitors. Competitors are therefore expected to relinquish all broadcast and recording rights of all kinds, as well as the ensuing rights, for an indefinite time period. Longwood Gardens may photograph, record, and film the competitors for advertising and promotion purposes. By signing the application form, the competitors agree to release their rights to future use of all photographs, recording, and filming of their performances. It is anticipated that a CD recording of selected competition performances will be commercially produced and that parts or all of the competition will be made available on the Internet. In addition, a recording may be made of each competitor’s performance on Longwood Gardens’ in-console organ computer system to be played anytime in the future. Camera crews may photograph all competition events. Longwood Gardens may not be held liable for any payments to competitors arising out of materials derived from competition performances. Applicants are required to sign a release form yielding all rights on such materials to Longwood Gardens. Competitors must make themselves available for all press related interviews and activities. Competitors should be free of all engagements during the duration of the Competition. The first prize winner should be available to perform during Longwood’s 2023-2024 concert season.

Withdrawing from the Competition

If any competitor withdraws after March 1, 2023, they will be held responsible for refunding the Competition expenses incurred on their behalf—i.e., travel, accommodations, and transportation—and forfeit all rights. Competitors withdrawing for medical reasons or a death in the family are exempt.

Acceptance of Rules

Signing the competition application form proves competitor’s acceptance of all rules of the competition.