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Meadow Garden Visiting Tips

Spanning 86 acres, our Meadow Garden showcases the best practices in ecological garden design with an artful approach. Explore more than three miles of trails as you discover open, undulating fields, lush wetlands, and diverse habitats for flora and fauna.

Top Tips for Visiting our Meadow Garden:

  1. Our Meadow Garden is on view every day, weather permitting. Explore the 86 acres of our Meadow during Gardens hours until Gardens close or until dusk (whichever comes first). The Meadow Garden, including the Webb Farmhouse & Galleries, may be temporarily inaccessible during periods of heavy precipitation, ice, or snow.

  2. Meadow Garden access is included in Gardens Admission.

  3. Our Meadow Garden is accessible to all guests via a pathway for wheelchairs, electric scooters, and strollers.

  4. Visit the Peirce-du Pont House before you explore the Meadow for timely highlights about what to see.

  5. Wear sturdy shoes for trail walking and plan for weather. Some trails are along rolling terrain and uneven ground. Footwear with good traction is recommended. Be sure to dress appropriately for current and predicted weather conditions.

  6. You may wish to pack a water bottle, plant and wildlife I.D. books, and your binoculars. The GardenShop, located in our Visitor Center, carries I.D. books and bottled water, as well as other merchandise.

  7. Animal lovers, wildlife is typically more active in the early morning and early evening.

  8. Choose your route before you go. The Meadow Garden offers multiple ways to explore and enjoy its natural beauty. Take a leisurely walk or extensive hike along the many trails, which total 3 miles. Maps are located throughout the Meadow Garden at every trail intersection to help guide explorers. Or choose one of the self-guided walks and hikes in our Trail Guide.

  9. There are many benches and shaded pavilions throughout the Meadow Garden to sit, relax, and enjoy the expansive views.

  10. Respect nature. Stay on designated trails to protect fragile plants and to prevent erosion or wildlife disturbance. Please do not enter the stream or lakes.

  11. Insects, including ticks and mosquitoes, are a part of the ecosystem of the Brandywine Valley. Stay on pathways and thoroughly check for ticks on your body and clothing after leaving the Gardens.

  12. Restroom facilities and water fountains are available at the Webb Farmhouse & Galleries and by our Italian Water Garden.

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