Longwood Gardens to Celebrate First Pennsylvania Native Species Day with Walks, Talks, and Native Plant Giveaway on Friday, June 17

white native orchids in a meadow

KENNETT SQUARE, PA – Longwood Gardens will celebrate the first Pennsylvania Native Species Day on Friday, June 17, by hosting a full day of walks and talks hosted by Longwood land stewardship, ecology, and horticulture experts.

The Pennsylvania Invasive Species Council has established June 17 as the first Pennsylvania Native Species Day to increase Pennsylvanians’ knowledge of native plants, trees, insects, and fish and other animals and understanding of the pressures that invasive nonnative species are exerting on their survival. For more information on Pennsylvania Native Species Day visit here.

Activities and Locations

Meadow Ecology Walk
11:00 am
Meadow Garden: Hourglass Lake Pavilion
Longwood’s Meadow Garden is a dynamic ecosystem full of native plant and animal life. Join Associate Director, Land Stewardship and Ecology Dr. Lea Johnson on a walk in the Meadow Garden to learn about what it takes to keep native meadow communities vibrant—and how to keep invasive species from taking over.

Wildflower Walk
12:00 pm
Meadow Garden Entrance
More than 300 species of wildflowers bloom each year in our Meadow Garden. Our amazing Meadow Bloom volunteers track the timing of these blooms across the growing season as part of a scientific effort to understand effects of climate change on ecosystems. Join Ecology Technician Kristie Lane Anderson for a wildflower walk in the Meadow Garden and learn about the key features that you can use to identify wildflowers in nature and how to distinguish native plants from invasive species.

Using Native Plants in Your Home Garden Walk
1:00 pm
Peirce’s Plaza
Thanks to the rich diversity of our local ecosystems, there’s a beautiful native plant for almost every soil and light combination you might find in your garden. Join Senior Horticulturist Kari Getchonis for a walk in Peirce’s Woods and learn how you can add wildlife-supporting, pollinator-friendly native species to your home garden.

Butterfly Field Discovery Walk
2:00 pm
Meadow Garden Entrance
Butterflies—and other members of the Order Lepidoptera like moths and skippers—are not only beautiful but essential to the pollination of many species of plants; plus, their caterpillars are a primary food for baby songbirds. In our Meadow Garden, we are studying the diversity of pollinators that our rich plant diversity and nectar resources support. Join Assistant Ecology Technician Noelle Raezer to learn about Lepidoptera and to observe the diversity of species in our Meadow Garden.

Native Plant Giveaway
12:00–5:00 pm
The Garden Shop
Take home a native plant to grow in your home garden. Limited to the first 700 guests.

Pennsylvania is home to diverse species that originated thousands of years ago and thrive in mutual dependence. This native ecosystem provides with outdoor experiences that increase quality of life natural resources for a variety of Pennsylvania industries—agricultural food production, recreation, fisheries, timber, and more—and the livelihoods they support. Comprising seven state agencies and 14 organizations, the Pennsylvania Invasive Species Council works to identify invasive nonnative plant, tree insect, and fish and other animal species that are threatening the survival of Pennsylvania's natural and agricultural resources and the industries they support.

Longwood Gardens is open 10 am–6 pm Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday, and 10 am–10 pm Thursday–Saturday, through June 29, and 10 am–6 pm Monday, Wednesday, and 10 am–11 pm Thursday–Sunday, June 30–October 30.

About Longwood Gardens
In 1906, industrialist Pierre du Pont (1870-1954) purchased a small farm near Kennett Square, PA, to save a collection of historic trees from being sold for lumber. Today, Longwood Gardens is one of the world’s great horticultural displays, encompassing 1,100 acres of dazzling gardens, woodlands, meadows, fountains, 10,010-pipe Aeolian organ and conservatory. Longwood continues the mission set forth by Mr. du Pont to inspire people through excellence in garden design, horticulture, education, and the performing arts, through programming that includes exhibitions, musical performances by leading artists, renowned horticulture education programs, horticulture research, environmental stewardship, and community engagement. Longwood is one of more than 30 gardens in the Philadelphia region known as America’s Garden Capital.